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Not like ancestrally (not entirely at least), but the same culture of 3:AM is dedicated to the destruction of my life, liberty, and property. It is a form of “bourgeois” capitalism which is opposed to my own, “proletariat” capitalism. It wants me to spend more on items promoting some sort of conscious constructed according to their ideals. I cannot afford this, so it would ask that I go into debt and slavery or it would demand that I accept BS which is against my own conscience, so it would demand that I starve. I seek the capitalism of the lowest price possible, which is safe and, yes, stultifying, because I do not have to face death to afford it. They want to kill me by starvation and make me feel guilty otherwise because I cannot afford that which is fair trade and ethically sourced. The art produced by this culture is cynical and arid and likewise alien to my sensibilities, it demands an education in the code. The art produced by the culture of proletariat capitalism is universal, naive, stupid, without pretense, certainly kitsch, but it is what make me happy from a sense of familiarity and tradition. It’s the new noble savage, truly. A new life, life concerned only with the cultivation of its simple pleasures, the purest life possible, amid a culture of vampiric death and destruction. It’s crude feature speak of a deep spirituality as strongly as the Venus of Wellendorf. It is a veneration of a higher image, that is, the syndicated cartoon that plays from the altar. Imitation in spite of artistic limitation is admirable. It recalls the Platonic concept of man which knows perfection is unattainable but nonetheless strives for it.

The form of capitalism I champion cultivates the happiness of man, but not the truth of the world. I believe happiness is higher than truth. I think John Cena is a better, and more interesting person that Tao Lin. I like Monster better than Starfucks. I am committed to the happiness and prosperity of my people.

—Comment on 4chan’s /lit/ board about 3AM Magazine and the joys of utilitarian, pop capitalism.

Has anybody here read any of this Bizarro/”New Weird” fiction? Is it any good or is it just the literary equivalent of the stuff in Juxtapoz magazine?

X - 4th of July

"The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal."

"The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal."