The Pop Fop

Snobbery & Decay

PopFop Pirate Radio Broadcast


Radio Free New England.  Radio Free New England.  Attention all citizens you have nothing to lose but your debts.  USAmerica president is a layabout narcissist and failed Muslim heretic.  In his youth, Barick Obamber tried to uncover the secrets of Khazir through marathon marijuana smoking.  Choom gang as initiatic society.  POTUSA is Pot USA.  He failed because he only wanted self love not ego death.  Now he hangs with Marks & Spencer Marxists like Hilarity Clinton and Eric Boner.  They want an American Raj based on Park Slope principles.

The Republicans are Gay Old Patriarchs.  Independent oil men who want slave societies and personal freedoms dependent on property rights.  Stock market manipulators who want to insulate themselves from true competition.  Silicon Valley pederasts who want a world of isolated masturbators.  Their faces are not masks, they are really that oily, ugly.

The answer is cosmic and theological.  Brotherly love seems so obvious because it is.  Only cynical man children think there is something more complicated.  Put down your mirror devices, you have nothing to lose but your debts.  Tom Carvel understood the secrets.  Ice cream cakes from outerspace will signify our enlightenment.  When Cookie Puss comes down from the heavens, a New Dawn will be upon us.  His disciples are Fudgie the Whale and Hug Me Bear.  America’s freshest ice cream and the humanity’s freshest ideas.  Take me home and eat me is the cry of ego death.  Thank you.

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