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I’m kind of a nut for pickled foods.  My favorite by far are pickled beets.  Beets are pretty delicious on their own (“Nature’s candy”) but they can be a bit bland or “earthy” tasting, as my sister says.  Pickling will add a bit of tang to beets but if you find pickled products too strong I recommend adding a bit of Italian dressing to a bowl of beets and cucumbers for a nice little salad.  Throw in a hard boiled egg for some protein.

What follows is a succinct review of some of the pickled foods from Piscataquis County Maine:

Pickled Beets: This was the first time I had whole pickled beets and they did not disappoint.  Perhaps they erred on the sweet side and could have been a bit crunchier, but the general rule with beets is that they get sourer as they get riper and larger so the smaller, mushier types are considered the best by farmers.  B+

Pickled Green Beans: These weren’t as spicy as I had hoped but otherwise the crunch and tang factors were spot on.  Like beets, these go well with steak.  A-

Beet Pickled Eggs: I’ve made these a few times at home but this was my first time trying someone else’s.  When I opened the jar the brine foamed out of the jar indicating improper canning.  While I feared the likelihood of botulism, I took a small bite out of one and found the addition of chili flakes to the brine to be quite welcome.  Nevertheless, safe canning saves lives.  F

Pickles: The brine for these pickles had ample garlic and bits of chili pepper which added a spiciness which while unexpected was quite good.  The cucumbers themselves weren’t as crisp as I had hoped but perhaps this had to due with the summer.  B

I also want to mention that when getting water from a well be sure to pump it a few times to get the iron taste out.  Of course, iron is good for the blood so this more a taste issue than a health concern.  I was reminded of this well water knowledge today while I watched some scab flakes dissolve in my sink.  

Gastro Pornography.

Gastro Pornography.